Give the People What They Want (PC)

In Give the People What They Want, you play as a lowly mining robot who has been promoted to the service industry. It's a tough job, customers can be very demanding, and you'll need to adapt to whatever people need based on the jobs you're given. You will need to learn how to optimize to get people what they want in the shortest amount of time and deal with their increasingly complex requests to show that you can be a good quality service bot.

Key Features:
3 different stages with unique environments and items
Bonus challenges that will let you earn extra points
Customizable robot body system to be the best bot you can be
It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it, and apparently, there's nobody else who wants to. So it's up to you to Give the People What They Want. Will you succeed as the best service bot ever? Or are you destined for the scrap heap?


Casual indie


Starlight Vintage Studios



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Mayo 6, 2022

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