No More Rainbows Beta (Quest) (APP LAB)

No More Rainbows brings the fun of a classic platformer to VR. Use the intuitive locomotion mechanics to run, jump, and climb using only your hands. Rampage through dozens of colorful worlds to reclaim your desecrated Underworld.

You play as The Beast.

Since time immemorial you have served as Warden of the Underworld, passing the eternities in a peaceful slumber.

You are suddenly awoken by joyful melodies piercing the warm darkness. The ashen air now reeks of tulip perfume. The once burning magma floor tiles now feel lush and fresh under your claws. The shrines desecrated with childish chalk drawings festooned with smiley faces.

Using an arm based locomotion method, you must spring forth into this fantastical virtual reality platforming world and reclaim your home!

In the full release:

- Full story mode
- 3 additional explorable worlds
- Leadboards
- Epic boss fights
- Additional game modes (Infinite Mode)


Squido Studio


Squido Studio