4d Chess (PC)

Experience Chess in a new way with Virtual Reality. Move your pieces up and down to avoid capture and advance positions. The same classic pieces from Chess can now move in two extra dimensions, up and down. This twist is quick to get the hang of, but tricky to master.

Play several different 4d chess "maps" depending on if you want to move carefully through a vast space, or get to the action quickly. Play in a small cube just four spaces wide up to a huge 512 space volume. Add some pressure with a timer. Or forget checkmates and play Regicide to go to war.

Four games are included for free! Ease your way in with Regular 3d Chess or relax with 3d Checkers. Want an easier introduction to extradimensional movement? Try 4d checkers. Test yourself and see if you can get the best of the algorithmic AI in all four games.




Ricky Robot


Ricky Robot



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Mayo 1, 2022

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