Crazy Cook (Quest) (APP LAB)

Crazy Cook® is a fun and crazy cooking game in VR for the whole family !
Your goal is to create great recipes…with a twist : the ingredients are a bit hostile !
Slice a chickenosaurus, peel a smiling onion, avoid a killer tomato, smash a garlic grenade with a hammer or pepper spray (literally) a flying punk pig : that's part of your job as a master chef.
Are you ready to slice with a knife (workshop 1), peel or block with a peeler (workshop 2), smash with a hammer (workshop 3), season or shoot with a one-of-a-kind salt mill (workshop 4) or avoid monsterish ingredients coming from a canon with your wild kitchen tools to score the top of the charts ?
10 recipes, with 4 workshops each, are included : that's 40 ways to have crazy fun !
For now it's a solo game but we are working on making it a multiplayer game.
It's only the beginning ! We will regularly add new features, music, recipes, new tools and new workshops.
Thank you for purchasing the game. It means the world !


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Jungle Games