Saber Punks (PC)

Our world has been taken over by energy corporations that replaced elected governments through wealth and resource monopolization. The invention of the Soul Lense allowed big energy conglomerates to siphon the people's Chakra through virtual reality devices giving users a feeling of self-fulfillment through various simulations. These journeys ignite the soul to power the massive cities after the smog blotted out the solar fields and the oil wells ran dry.

Now, these enterprises look to overtake each other employing ninja mercenaries known as Saber Punks. Outright war would be too costly so they opt for spies and assassins to cripple the competition. These individuals have achieved such a strong and focused will that their Chakra can be weaponized. The Saber Punks wield focused energy weapons which throw dangerous disks of focused energy that arc through the air at high speeds. Blocking stores energy absorbed through the weapon and can use this to transform into the Ultimate Form with high-powered attacks and devastating Ultimate Combos.

Intense Fast-Paced Combat - Quick thinking and even faster reflexes will be key to victory as you dodge attacks and try to keep the pressure on your opponent.
Competitive Ranked Multiplayer - Battle your way to the top of the ranking to become the apex assassin.
4 Characters and 12 Weapons - Each with their own unique playstyles, combos, and transforming ultimates.
Hip Hop Soundtrack - Original music by Beau Young Prince.
Liv / Green Screen Compatible - Insert yourself or your own personal avatar for recording/streaming content.
Workout and Exercise - Burn calories as you dodge, duck, weave, and slash to survive.


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