Hypnosis Reveries (Quest) (APP LAB)

"The creator of HYPNOSIS REVERIES perfectly integrates imagination and new technology with VR media, takes root in modern cities, and deeply explores the social reality facing young people today. It is a rare reflection and expression in Chinese works."

WINNER of the Best Chinese Work at the Sandbox Immersive Festival 2021.
Official Selection of Panorama Unit at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival.

Based on the Jessien's interdisciplinary research in VR related fields over the past decade, HYPNOSIS REVERIES takes an abstract and minimalist approach to tell a story about growing.
Through a 20-minute exploration experience, you will step into a mental maze, looking back at the important moments that changed you, and see yourself again.

* HYPNOSIS REVERIES is originally a large-space VR experience using a redirected walking algorithm invented by Jessien.

** The current version available on Quest Lab/Store is a remade version, supporting Standing and Sitting modes.


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