Nitro Nation VR (PC)

Realistic car interactions in VR
Jump into the real-sized driver’s seat, turn up the volume, feel the speed and the kick of adrenaline. Adjust mirrors, seat and driving wheel position, use driving wheel petals or shifting gear to achieve a maximum speed, maneuver by steering the wheel and using a hand brake. Your car is so much more in virtual reality!

Customizable cars
Tune and upgrade up to 7 real licensed cars from famous manufacturers to show better performance and stand out from the crowd

Competition against AI rivals
Beat your opponents on the track and in the charts, competing with bots of a different complexity

Stylish daytime and night tracks
Race down the neon-lit streets of a futuristic megacity: up to 5 tracks with different architecture, weather conditions and dynamics are waiting for you in the first Early Access version.

Low-dizziness gameplay
Straight-line racing is much easier on the body, so you don't need to have strong VR legs to play.

Garage – home to your cars and creativity
Repaint, decorate, make this space your own: you can tweak the interiors in terms of colors, objects, pictures hanging on walls and more!




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