Astroroxx (Quest) (APP LAB)

Astroroxx is for everyone at every age. Surrounding 360° space attacks with virtual asteroids and you have to fight them. Shoot all asteroids within 90 seconds to reach the next level, and defend your high score. Each level features a different space environments and a different music track for the right science fiction mood.

You´re standing on a virtual platform in space and virtual asteroids attack you from all sides. Shooting the, requires aiming well, as you can also destroy the outer shield which protects you from the outside. The platform is protected with a shield, but the platform shield can be destroyed and then you can die if an asteroid hits you.

Bonus items help you to survive the level. Collect shield powerup, platform shield powerup and time freeze bonus items to win a level.

Aim for the highest score and win against all others as the best asteroid space cowboy in our universe.