Accused #2 - Walter Sisulu (PC)

Accused #2, a 6DoF animated documentary, immerses the viewer in the trial which convicted Nelson Mandela during Apartheid regime in South Africa.

Using original sound recording footage from the trial and a unique art direction, this narrative takes us besides Walter Sisulu during the Rivonia trial, which took place in 1963 and 1964. Mandela, accused number 1, read a speech to justify the use of armed struggle. Sisulu, accused number 2, was the first to be interrogated. Relive the five days of his moving face to face with a dreadful, racist and zealous prosecutor. Sisulu, while risking the death penalty, fights back. Immerse yourself in the closed doors of the hearings and the violence of apartheid, discover the testimony of an exceptional character at a key moment in the history of the 20th century.


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