The Maze: Humanity (PC)

The Maze is a VR Multiplayer game in which human players arrive in a new realm after being teleported from their homelands. The size and purpose of the maze is unknown, the only thing that is certain is that they have to survive in this extremely hard environment.

The Maze changes according to our memories, imagination, dreams, and transforming it into an even more chaotic realm as more people arrive. Environments change according to the memories of the living beings within it. This means that areas in The Maze change and shift randomly enabling a dynamic gaming experience.

Upon arrival, players can choose any combination of two classes to fit their own play style. An example is merging both the Summoner and Warrior classes so that the player can act as a frontline fighter while at the same time summoning creatures to deal damage. Gunslinger and Druid are other examples; the player can deal damage from afar, root enemies into place and heal other teammates.

The Maze has dozens of different species to fight against. A few examples being Orcs, Trolls, Demons, Goblins, Elves, Undead, and Lizards. When Humans first arrived, the other species viewed them as nothing more than food or potential slaves. Humans aren’t as strong as Orcs, they don’t have the fast health regeneration of Trolls, nor do they have the high dexterity of Elves. Understaminating us will be their mortal mistake. They don't know what a mother and a father will go through to protect their loved ones, they don't know what a Human will endure to win their revenge, they don't know that there will be people that will sacrifice their lives for the freedom of others, they don’t know how people can do almost the impossible through faith, they don't know the creativity that Humans have, how we can create something beautiful as art, music, sculptures from just our imagination... However we can also create atomic bombs and weapons of war. And they will know that there are Humans such as Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar see war as an art itself.







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