Terragon: Symbol Of Magic (PC)

Terragon: Symbol Of Magic is a first person VR RPG, that lets you be a real magician by immersing you, as a player, in fast-paced magic combat against a variety of mighty monsters.
Choose your unique magic spells wisely and assign them your favorite hand gesture to cast against the evil in the fantastic realms of Terragon.

Join the quest to free Terragon from the evil possessing it, by joining the great Skyfer guild as a young, eager magician with hidden powerful magic.
Explore the vast and beautiful wilderness and realms of Terragon, gather incredible and powerful loot, find the legendary Powerstones to increase your magic power, learn amazing spells and the secret gestures to cast them, and plenty more!

Fully immersive VR experience
Hand gesture based spell casting system
Amazing spells
Action packed magic combat
Randomly generated levels
Level progression
Inventory System
Tons of loot


Reality Shift Studios



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Septiembre 8, 2021

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