VR Pigeons (Quest) (APP LAB)

All the world’s a rooftop, and all the men and women merely pigeons.

Use the power of VR and absolutely unique movement controls to slip into your pigeon-self!
Go out into the world and find a rooftop. Wait for the granny to throw some bread. Eat as much bread as possible! BREAD IS LIFE!

How to become the ultimate VR Pigeon:

• Channel to your inner Pigeon. Bob your head like a pigeon in order to move around and interact with your world
• Unlock and discover four different levels
• Protect your bread from other pigeons
• Use power-ups and map shortcuts to be faster than other pigeons
• Your pigeon enemies come in different shapes, avoid unnecessary conflicts!


VRKiwi (Mekiwi)



En otras plataformas

VR Pigeons (Android)