Star Shaman (PC)

STAR SHAMAN is an active VR adventure with touches of roguelite.

Become a STAR SHAMAN and embark on an epic journey to bring the spark of life back into a universe depleted to boring cubes by the Architects of Entropy.

Cast spells using the Shaman Sphere to invoke a wide range of weapons and fight your way through spectacularly looking galaxies to the beat of a French Touch soundtrack.

Hop from planet to planet and from solar system to solar system in a stunningly beautiful and procedurally generated universe where no playthrough is ever the same.

Fall, try again, and unlock powerful new weapons and abilities to find your playstyle. Invoke them using a unique and ultra-satisfying motion-based spellcasting system that will soon make you feel invincible.

Battle armadas of deadly mechanical enemies until you reach epic boss fights that block your path to new solar systems. Meet a quirky roster of characters, each with their own agendas along the way.

And don't forget to admire the finer details of the extraordinary life forms you're bringing back to life as you chase the corrupt Architects of Entropy to the most remote corners of their cubic universe.

For you are a STAR SHAMAN, a champion of biodiversity and the galaxy's last resort.







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Octubre 22, 2020

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