Into Space - 1st & 2nd Step (PC)

In 2 intriguing Virtual Reality films, viewers set off for fascinating VR expeditions into space. They explore unknown worlds by visiting settings of extraordinary richness of detail and authenticity - perfectly reconstructed in 3D on basis of original data from NASA and ESA – that convey a realistic sensation of how it must feel to actually be out in the open cosmos.

1st Step tells the magical story of the Apollo missions - from the rocket launch up to their return on earth. For the first time, viewers experience this thrilling adventure in a completely new way in VR as they get the chance to perceive the extreme dimensions of the missions in an unprecedented spatial quality through the eyes of the astronauts, e.g. the unbelievable narrowness of the command capsule, but also the surprising topography of the lunar landscape.

With “2nd Step", they take a step further by joining space pilots on a future mission to prospective destinations on the Moon and Mars.


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Octubre 15, 2020

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