History of Korea VR (PC)

In this content, you can experience living, hunting animals, making tools, cooking meat, harvesting farming, making sheds, raising livestock, and experiencing murals, and it can be a little easier for adults to enjoy. Please play with this in mind. We are planning and developing additional missions for a total of 8 quests currently loaded. If you give us any help, we will do our best to create the content you want.

We are a virtual reality education & game startup located in Daegu, Korea. The ultimate goal of our company or team is to provide an environment where everyone can enjoy the game and get a natural education.
We are ready to listen to your voice. Please create our own content. Even if the game is a bit easy and doesn't suit your style, if you give us a positive opinion, we will reflect it positively.

* Currently, only one quest can be played.