UTURN (Android)

A dog-themed dating site goes down due to a data center server interruption that sweeps the nation. It is up to a female developer and her male teammates to get their site up and running again before their CTO, who’s juggling his own problems, has to make a pivotal pitch to VCs the next day.

UTURN innovates by placing the viewers in the middle of two intertwined stories, told from a female or a male character perspective. Viewers can choose what perspective to watch at any time. Only the scene being looked at can be heard through a unique spatial sound design. Whatever they miss changes their perspective on the overall story.

Awards & Festivals:
* Special Jury Prize Jump into VR Fest 2017
* Nominated Best Interactive Experience FIVARS 2017 & Best Cinematic Narrative Experience Raindance 2017
* 2019: Cannes XR, Women Deliver
* 2018: SATIS, Nuit Blanche, Colcoa, Seattle, Cleveland, Nantucket
* 2017: VR Days, UN Women, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Tacoma, Oculus Connect, Samsung DC







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