Hard Bullet (PC)

Hard Bullet is a secret action adventure VR game with realistic physics, lots of guns, gory body damage, slow motion abilities and cinematic environment destructions.

Fast-paced Action inspired by genre-defining classic John Woo movies like Hard Boiled, The Killer, Better Tomorrow, Hard Target.
Destructions and Physics: using the best solutions to bring realistic physic destructions, object and environment hand interactions.
Slow Motion and Tricks: jump, slide and control time like in classic PC blockbusters: F.E.A.R., Max Payne, Stranglehold.
Weapons: Expect variety of famous pistols, submachine guns and shotguns, you'll get some sweet rifles and machine guns as well.
Enemy Gore Body Damage: Accurate full body IK systems. You can turn on real gore mayhem with body dismembering and blood fountains if you are ready.







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Octubre 22, 2020

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