HistoryMaker VR (PC)

Embody history in HistoryMaker VR, a virtual reality content creation tool where users can perform famous figures from United States history.

It is easy to use:
Set up the scene, choose a character, and select props.
Import your script, start recording, and perform!
Export your performance.
Edit with the software of your choice, and share
The application features eight diverse U.S. historical figures, spanning from the 1700s to modern day. (in chronological order)
Benjamin Franklin
Abigail Adams
Abraham Lincoln
Harriet Tubman
Mark Twain (a.k.a. Samuel Clemens)
George Washington Carver
Sonia Sotomayor
Choose a scene and props to create your ideal performance. Get creative with the ‘green screen’ option, you can even add your own background later.
Sample speeches and activities are pre-loaded to get you comfortable using HistoryMaker VR.
Mirror Mode enables the performer to see exactly what they look like in VR and adjust their movements.
If you get stuck and need help, there’s a desktop complement made for educators and non-VR users to help the VR performer be successful.
Performers can review the video in VR before exporting the video. If another take is needed, the performer can jump right back in without deleting. After multiple takes, the performer can choose the best take to export.
For Educators:
HistoryMaker VR is the perfect complement for social studies, history, and civics classes in both middle and high school. This standards-aligned experience can be seamlessly integrated into classrooms. Lessons plans, sample activities, and implementation instructions are available for download.


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