Audio Trip (Quest)

Audio Trip is a VR dance game where you catch gems, ride ribbons, smash drums, and dodge barriers as you dance your way through surreal environments specially crafted for each song.

Make it your Audio Trip by using the in-VR level editor to create custom choreographies with your own unique dance moves, with the same tool used by the developers to create their choreography! Join in on our Choreography Contest to showcase your flair! [Join our Discord]

Main Features
• Licensed music by top artists: Skrillex, Zedd, deadmau5, Lady Gaga... and more coming soon!
• In-VR level editor (“Choreographer” tool) included.
• ‘Full’ or ‘Short Trip’ options for each song.
• Fully immersive hand-crafted environments for each song.
• Intuitive UI with a simple tutorial for your first time playing.
• Gameplay customization: ‘Comfort’, ‘Dancer’, ‘No Fail’, ‘Color Swap’.
• Global and Local (Party Mode) Leaderboards to challenge your friends!
• Many more features and content coming soon!


Kinemotik Studios



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