Poker VR (Quest)

The most popular social app on Oculus Go, now reimagined for Oculus Quest! Play poker like a pro, Poker VR is the only app to feature both multi table tournaments and cash games.

Main features:
- Most expressive avatars built for reading tells with growing customisations
- Built for the quest, environments and avatars look sharp and clear
- Play poker just like in real life, knock to check, throw your cards over the line to fold etc.
- Feel like you are in a casino and not just at one table
- Lose hours making chip stacks and doing chip tricks. Poker VR features physics-based gameplay at the table.
- Multi table tournaments with automated table balancing and live leaderboard. Tournaments support 100s of players at the same time.
- Scope all casinos before joining a table. View where your friends are playing, their chip stack, and more.
- Smart friends’ system to invite your friends or join them directly at the table.
- … and much much more!


Mega Particle, Inc.