Journey of the Gods (PC)

The chaos moon is coming, threatening the peaceful inhabitants of the land. It’s up to you to unlock the power of the gods in your battle against the encroaching darkness. Become the hero in this legendary VR quest against the forces of evil.
Before completing this epic journey you will:
- Explore a wide and wondrous new world.
- Engage in ranged and melee combat with the sinister celestial servants of the chaos moon.
- Solve the mysteries of the ancients and gain the mystical power of the gods!

We are proud to support Cross-Buy - buy the game once and play it on Quest or Rift/Rift S!

For sensitive players or those new to VR, make sure to check out the pause menu movement options. You can walk around in that area and experiment to find the most comfortable configuration!


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Journey of the Gods (Quest)


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Junio 18, 2019

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