A Legend of Luca (PC)

A Legend of Luca is a VR Rogue-Like Game where the player explores dungeons of many linked rooms to defeat bosses and gain their weapons.The Story“Luca... Luca, awaken.”

"It is I, Diana, daughter of Jupiter, from the sacred grove of Nemorensis, goddess of the hunt and keeper of the moon. Hear my words.”

Sixty years ago I created the Weapons of Virtue and gave them to mortals as a gift for prosperity. But now they have been stolen and corrupted with greed and evil by my husband, Vulcan, the God of Fire, Metal and All Things Baneful.”

“I see within you great virtue and perseverance. Claim your freedom and seek the Weapons of Virtue to wield for greater good of humanity. Arm yourself and be a slave no more!”The FeaturesIsaac style Room Exploration w/ Uniquely Generated Programmatic Dungeons. You'll never be sure what's behind the next door.
Seven Weapons of Virtue to collect - Each with its own strengths, weaknesses, stories, lore, and flavor.
Over 50 Upgrades to find and become massively powerful up with.
Tons of ReplayabilityThe Weapons of VirtueComitas, Staff of Humor
Clementia, Axe of Mercy
Disciplina, Bow of Discipline
Firmitas, Glaive of Tenacity
Justitia, Staff of Justice
Veritas, Greatsword of Truth
Virtus, Sword of Valor


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Legend Studio