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Abril 5, 2019

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Virtual Battlegrounds is the ultimate Battle Royale being built from the ground up for virtual reality. Battle to become the last man standing on this apocalyptic war-crazed island through tactical gun-play, an epic map, and physical based controls for skydiving, climbing, shooting, ziplining, and driving.

Key Features:

Gunplay - With the assist of military personnel we've built a realistic gunplay system.
*Lots of guns - Sniper Rifles, SMG's, Assault Rifles, Pistols, Heavy Weapons
*Attachment System - Scopes, silencers, laser points, sight modification

Physical Locomotion - Use your arms, legs, and body to move.
*Skydive - Use your arms and head to navigate.
*Zipline - Use your arms to hold onto and release from the ziplines.
*Climb - Climb anything using your body and arms.
*Swim - Float in the water and swim anywhere with arm movement.
*Sprint - Swing your arms to sprint.
*Jump - Jump in real life to jump. (We did add in a jump button)
*Crouch / Prone - Move your body to get into different physical positions.
*Slide - Sprint and stop to slide.

Epic Map - Explore a large and fleshed out two square KM island.
*Churchtown - A refugee camp built over a church in the mountain.
*Ostenbirk - A resort town built on top of the water and on the beach.
*Maetland - A once peaceful town that has become war torn and desecrated.
*Crash Site - The site of a large 747 plane crash and slum town.
*Zipline Tower / Road Network - A deeply interconnected network of locations that puts the world together.

Other Key Features
*Spatial Voice chat.
*Immersive full body IK System.
*Hub Area with Twitch Stream, shooting range and jukebox.
*Hand angle calibration tool.
*Realistic vehicle controls.
*Squad and Solo modes.
*Slap people to death.






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