Giant Celebration (PC)

Remember when you were younger (or maybe still present day!), and you spent hours playing with your favorite toys, creating worlds, stories, and personalities of your very own? Giant Celebration is a hidden object virtual reality experience that takes you into the world of diorama and toys! Search through meticulously curated environments to find hidden objects and characters, or just shrink down and explore the world from the size of a toy!Unique Features:Search through dioramas and find endings of micro stories and trigger a Giant Celebration
Change scale on the fly to give a different perspective for searching in tight quarters
Teleport with Shrinky Blink mode, or zoom around with Smooth Locomotion
Built for roomscale VR, but also works well seated or standing, or forward facing for 180° setups
Easy to use, pick up and play controls. There is a control scheme for every player!
Hours of fun gameplay using the different difficulty modes allow you to experience the worlds with fresh challenges each time
Casual, Accessible, All-ages fun!
Family friendly game will get your grumpy aunt "VR smiling" while grandma defends her best times


Giant Cranium


Giant Cranium