Boise Historic Natatorium (PC)

Historical Recreation of the Boise Natatorium and White City Amusement Park. The application is a narrated tour through the Natatorium and the White City Amusement park that were located in Boise, Idaho. The 3d models were recreated from photos and stories from the Idaho State Archives and the Idaho Statesman Archives.

The Boise Natatorium, 1892-1934, was a landmark health and bathing resort. The resort was called the Taj Mahal of the west. The 2nd largest pool in the US at the time and the largest geothermal heated pool in the world.

The White City Amusement Park, 1910-1940, was located next to the Natatorium and included a roller coaster, dance pavillion, band stand, Joy Wheel, Fun House, Shooting Gallery, mini railway, moving picture theater, and a carousel.

The full tour is about 20 minutes long.




Gordon Roberts


Gordon Roberts



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