Bat Batty Bats (Android)

Bat Batty Bats! Now it's own title from the Bonkers Babes that Bought you Elevator... to the Moon! Bonus!

•Beat, Block and Bounce Bats into Bats and Bumpers for Bucket loads of Bonus-points!
•Bunches of Beautiful Buffs from Boomerang Bats to Bowling Balls!
•Bonanza events on a Big Ben with British Bulldogs to Bad-Ass Bazooka Babies!
•Bat Beating device unlocks! Be Belligerent in Endless Mode and uncover new Weapons!
•Be aware of the Bizarre Boss Bat to Beat at the end of the Campaign mode!
•Be Brash, Barge your way to the top of the Boards!
•Boatloads of content, you won't Believe it's only a Buck!

But Beware, of your Beloved Belongings behind you, isn’t Bitten By a Bunch of Bad Batty Bats or it’s Bedtime!


ROCCAT Games Studio