Zombie school-丧尸学院 (PC)

This is an "open world" game using real time system , the player starts from three different starting points, you can choose to move the route or stay in the current area, free to experience the college experience within half an hour. Incident.

           remember! The characters in the game will flow with the players at the same time to perform their own actions, so the ability to accurately judge and catch up with their course of action will be the key to experiencing the complete game plot. Of course, this game is also not mandatory to arrange the story line, the player can also give up all the main story, free to walk around the dangerous college, maybe you can also enjoy a different kind of fun.

           The game was completely developed by me. It took about half a year to burst the liver to draw about 130 pages of comic-style game scene characters, although tired, but also full of joy to try new styles and new things, I hope this joy can also be shared with everyone who is willing to experience this game.







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Octubre 15, 2018

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