The Blue Zula VR Concert Series (PC)

The Blue Zula Concert Series is a fully immersive listening experience that is only possible in virtual reality. While travelling through the environment you change the mix in your headphones. Each track was recorded with over 20 microphones positioned in an array and placed in their virtual equivalent location to replicate real room acoustics.
Musician/Solo developer's debut.
Recorded in Vancouver's finest facilities.
All the musicians were scanned and motion captured while playing the recorded tracks.

Being a musician I wanted to explore new ways of immersing audiences in music and to use the latest technologies to enhance the listening experience.
So this is what I came up with. A live show set in a virtual space with an old school arcade next door for extra hangout space.

I intend to add more arcade machines and more tracks in future updates as well as multiplayer support and animation improvements.

- Acknowledgements
A Big Thank You to Creative BC Music Innovation Fund!
I couldn't have done it without the amazing string arrangement of Donovan Seidle and the performance of both Donovan and Janna Sailor on violins and viola.
I composed all the music and performed the vocals and the piano.

Also without Epic - Unreal Engine 4 this would not exist and would definitely not look as good.
As the only programmer I couldn't have done it without the amazing assets from the Unreal Marketplace.
I've used them and I'm very grateful because they really pushed this production forward
Chameleon Post Processing
Bird band
Victorian dining room
Old town
Fantasy dungeon
Bowling pool and darts pub games
Advanced glass shader
VR Integrator
Hands VR

I also want to thank Blender and the Blender Foundation and Blender Marketplace in specific
Retopflow and Autorig Pro


Nir Blu