Salsa-Virtual (PC)

Salsa-Virtual teaches you dancing using virtual reality. Learn the fundamental movements of salsa, one of the most popular Latin partner dances in the world, including popular building blocks like:

Forwards and Backwards Basic
Side to Side Basic
Cumbia Step
Back Breaks
Follower's Underarm Turn
Cross Body Lead
Never has there been a better way to learn from home. Compare to your local dance studio and you'll realize you will save a ton of time and money (and heartbreak) while starting your new and legendary hobby.

No partner? No problem. Our professional teachers will explain how movements translate from your virtual partner to a real world experience. Pause. Slow down. Rewind. Practice. With a level dedicated to dance fundamentals, even those of us with two left feet can learn to check our balance, and get used to dancing in VR, so we can eventually do it in the real world.


Miragic Labs