Teleporter (PC)

Teleporter lets you watch & interact game streams in VR with friends in a totally new way! It’s the gamers hub of VR that has the soul of an esports bar, an old-school arcade, and your everyday game watching environment. You will surround yourself with like-minded people here and enjoy the game streams together!

Teleporter enables you to,

- Watch your favorite game streamers together with the people from all around the world
- Interact with the streams for changing the destiny of the games or just for fun
- Use spatial voice communication to hang out with others as in real life
- Stay in contact with the web users by following the stream chats in real-time
- Meet with friends to play social games, old-school arcade games or just for hanging out
- Take selfies with your new friends and share with the community!

This is a place made by geek gamers for all the gamers. So, come in and HF!

P.S. We plan to add more interactive streaming features, old-school and social games, live esports match environments and the private spaces that belong to the players.
But, for creating something big for gamers, we want to work together with our community to move the platform forward and to understand what works best for game spectating. So, we wish our community to empower what we do and build a gamer’s dream space in VR brick by brick.

Come and join the community channels on Discord and Reddit to build together.

Time's up, let's do this!


Teleporter Realities, Inc.