RuneTech (PC)

RuneTech is set in a world where magic and technology have advanced hand in hand. Draw magical runes to cast spells, while utilizing magical crystals to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, engage in dynamic boss battles, and eventually cleanse the cave of corruption.Early Access Notes:At this time early access will only contain the game lobby and tutorial level as we get feedback about our spell casting and magic crystal systems to fine tune them for full release game play. Please note while all spells are cast able in the main lobby for testing, in their grab-able form, during the early release only the spells needed to complete the tutorial will be available in the tutorial as spells will need to be picked up to learn them throughout the course of the game.Full Game Features: 10 different Magic Spells
4 ways to cast each spell
16 Magical Crystals with unique effects
Dynamic enemies with harder abilities as you level
Boss fights requiring strategy increasing in difficulty as you go.
Over 20 levels of game play
Spend points as you level to increase the spells you like to use
5 levels of difficulty
Mulitple forms of VR movement so you can play how you are comfortable
Puzzles and traps that will make you think and react quickly!]Future Plans Add Co-op support
Add multiplayer PvP support
Add more base spell types
Add character customizations for multiplayer
The world outside the caveAbout UsHyaloid Games is a group of friends with an extreme passion for gaming, over 30 years of combined experience developing table top RPG's and mobile games, and have decided to turn our passion towards producing immersive VR experiences. Our goal is to make community driven games that we ourselves would love to play.



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