Clash of Spells (PC)

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Febrero 1, 2019

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Clash of Spells is a fast-paced multiplayer magic shooter being developed for room-scale virtual reality. You will cast and dodge elemental spells to destroy the enemies and survive.

In each multiplayer battle, players are divided in two 4-player teams. Players can attack using a variety of elemental spells, which can also be combined to form even more powerful ones. As a defence, players can either choose to dodge spells or can raise an energy shield than can provide temporary protection. Each player controls a platform and can teleport themselves onto other platforms using a spell.

Clash of Spells is a skill-based game where players need to use their aim and reflexes to beat other players. Despite being a competitive game, Clash of Spells also encourages team play, as players can heal other team members and coordinate their attack to deal more damage to the enemy team.


  • 4 vs 4 team deathmach multiplayer mode
  • Bots
  • 16 different spells
  • 3 game maps
  • More to come


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