Wats! VR Pest Control (Android)

Wats! VR Pest Control
Wats! VR Pest Control
Mac is down on his luck, and his messy office is infested with rats. Pest control have been called. Do whatever you can to find the five rats hiding in the room and free it of the pesky rodents. With over 50 interactive objects you’ll have to be crafty to find the little critters - and even craftier to catch them before they escape and find new places to hide.

Catch all five in the quickest time to get the highscore - but you need to explore the room, get to know Mac, and throw the perfect 180 on the dartboard to score the flawless round!

Built exclusively to take advantage of the capabilities of VR, ‘Wats!’ is the first release from UK based, brother-and-sister team, Birdmask Studio. We hope you enjoy our work and will support our future releases - please follow us on twitter @BirdmaskStudio for updates and more about us.


Birdmask Studio


Birdmask Studio




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