STYLY is a platform for creating high-quality VR spaces without any coding.

・「STYLY」= fashion x VR x STYLY is a platform to expand VR in various industry.
・We provide new expression and experience to the creators in VR.
・STYLY is the client application in which creator can view the VR space.

STYLY editor
 3D modeling in browser, image, movie, music, and PDF
 This tool is to view the creator contents in VR space
Creator can import difference contents from various tools and edit them;

 ・3D model: SKP、FBX、Obj、blend、TiltBrush
 ・image: jpeg、png、Instagram
 ・movie: Youtube
 ・music: SoundCloud
 ・book: PDF
 ・image folder
STYLY VR client
 Creator can edit the contents and view in STYLY space
Creators can view the VR space and other creators space from MyScene


Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.



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Septiembre 28, 2017

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