Mad Farm VR (PC)

Mad Farm is VR game where you need to stay alive while a mad crowd of animal zombies run at you. Any day being eaten alive does not seem like a joyous activity, especially when you are up against a reckless animal that can devour you with ease. There are more than enough animals for zombie uprising and this farm dispatched the first of the undead. Chickens will try to suicide on you and bulls stab you with their horns. The game has classical to such genre modes such as Story, Arcade (to beat your high score) and Training (so you can shoot those arrows right in the eye). As of now Mad Farm has 3 episodes including a boss fight.


Once upon a time, there was a farmer. He got a farm, wife, animals and a calm life. Seemed everything was going fine when suddenly terrible virus took over all animals.
They become uncontrollable, blood thirsty zombies with only one urge - HUNGER! As a zombie meat is not delicious enough for them, they aimed for the farmer.
There is no time to get real guns for defense. He can just use his tools and equipment (don't ask how he got a bow with arrows).

Will you help farmer to protect his life?

Are you Ready to enter The Mad Farm?!

Wipe out all your enemies with simple, but very effective weapons:
Bow with three types of arrows
Explosive bait

Key features include:
Very, we would even say ridiculously stupid, realistic physics (all weapons behave close to real physics)
Five distinguished weapons for all your murdering typos (Sling, Bow with three types of arrows, Chainsaw, Explosive bait, Axe)
You think it is only the farm? HA! It got forest too!
Story mode (with a maybe, if you are lucky enough, bloody twist)
Arcade mode to beat the highest score (Because killing is never enough)
Training mode with mini-games
A Story you will not care about
It is literally just you killing everything you see
A great place to make beautiful to masterpiece kills


Happy Bat


Happy Bat