LOVE Obsession (PC)

You have loved her since met her first. but she didn't look at you.
You have a strong obsession for her, because you don't win her heart.
Collect articles into her house undetected.
Even if your imagination can't tell anybody, let it free.
What's your imagination?

*You have to collect her articles.

Check your collection list, searching her house.
They are spread out wherever.

*Don't be discovered by her.

Search her house avoid her eyes.
You get an obvious thrill out of prohibited behavior.
she is aware of your purpose clearly.
Don't be caught. You must be purged of sin.
We don't encourage crime like this situation.
Don't copy a protagonist's follies.

*You can touch and feel her as much as you like in gallery.

There are five frames in your dark room. It is the gallery.
If you clear each stage, it will be unlocked.
Touch and see into the gallery. She will show you good reactions by my hand.