Naturallandscape - Grand Canyon (自然景观系列-美国大峡谷) (PC)

The Natural landscape series is a virtual tourism VR game based on unreal engine developed meticulously by Magicvalley Studio. The Grand Canyon Colorado is the third episode of this series, The satellite DEM data actually reproduces the Grand Canyon Colorado,one of the most spectacular views on earth, in northwest Arizona. You can adjust the time in the scene to experience the different enchanting scenery of the rising sun, noon and sunset. You can also adjust the wind waves of the river, experiencing the excitement of the motor boat movement and enjoying rapid heartbeat.

In this episode, You can drive four different speedboats with breathtaking speed on the river to experience the speed and passion of water in this set. You can also fly two different helicopters to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon Colorado.


Magicvalley Studio