Beyond Tokyo (PC)

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Marzo 27, 2018

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Beyond Tokyo is a new and different kind of VR travel experience through Shibuya, a popular neighborhood in Tokyo. Explore an immersive environment that showcases different points of interest with photos, 360 videos, audio narration, and interactive storytelling.

- Experience the hustle and bustle of the famous Shibuya Crossing Scramble.
- Visit an izakaya restaurant where locals unwind.
- Go “fishing” in Shibuya!
- Peek into the renowned fashion culture in Harajuku.
- See the importance of spirituality in daily lives.
- Explore some quirky urban legends of the area.
- Relive the story of Japan’s most loyal dog “Hachiko”.

It is a family-friendly experience for all ages and for anyone interested in traveling to Japan or learning more about Japanese culture.


World Innovation Lab


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