virtual MINIGOLF reality (Android)

virtual MINIGOLF reality
virtual MINIGOLF reality
virtual MINIGOLF reality is a mobile VR experience with a natural and intuitive gameplay.

"This works really well. It feels like you are holding the club in your hand." (Daydream District)

" is surprisingly responsive with the Daydream controller and I would go so far to say its a pretty accurate simulation of real-world mini golf physics." (The VR Shop)

It offers an 18-hole course and four different game modes.
Play 18 holes, 9 random holes, bombgame or minesgame!

You can play sitting or standing (we recommend sitting)
If you play standing, make sure that there are no obstacles in your play area.
Remember to recenter your GearVR Controller once in a while and to do the tutorial first.

Full version! Ad free & No in-app purchases!

Feel free to contact us via email for feedback, critics and praise, too!

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Andreas Deininger