SiegeVR (PC)

String your bow, take aim and let fly in the ultimate test of VR archery skill!

SiegeVR uses some of the most advanced avatar embodiment and satisfying bow and arrow mechanics available to put you directly in the action.

Challenge friends and strangers in the fast-paced Gallery mode, where victory is a matter of out-shooting and out-thinking your opponent. Team up and defend your castle in the exciting Siege mode, using a variety of specialized arrows to defeat a relentless onslaught of battering rams, catapults and ground forces. Kick back and practice your trick shots, or test your skills against competitors worldwide on the global leaderboards.Features:
Single and Multiplayer support
Competitive Gallery mode and Cooperative Siege mode
Public and Friends matchmaking
Voice Chat
High-fidelity, dynamic environments
Graphic options to support a wide range of machines
Personal Anti-Harassment Bubble




Vive Studios


Sixense Studios


Steam Oculus