NeverBound (PC)

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Marzo 26, 2018

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Forma de juego

NeverBound is the gravity-shifting shooter that adds another dimension to the traditional FPS. Take part in mind-bending combat and puzzles in multi-gravity environments. You are as dangerous from below as you are from above. Scale the walls and ceilings, or use long hallways as vertical drops, as you outmaneuver your enemies.

NeverBound takes place in a future where a fifth fundamental force of nature has been discovered. The technology quickly revolutionizes society and allows humans to simulate arbitrary directions of gravity. A new architecture for a new age arises, STRUCT, in which the flows of populous are greatly improved due to its multi-gravity nature.

Game Modes

  • Tutorial/Intro - Learn the basics of navigation and combat in multi-gravity environments.
  • Blitz - Escort your AI companion from room to room hacking doors and unlocking new areas, expanding the environment for more complex combat, and granting access to new weaponry, to take on an increasingly difficult opposition.

The rules have changed. High ground is relative.

  • Surprise your enemies from the inverted floor above.
  • Throw grenades that can fall in any direction. Loop them around corners or let them float in Zero-G.
  • Beat down your enemies and disrupt their gravity fields with the Gravity Baton.
  • Conjure insurmountable forces to crush your foe under intense gravity.

Coming Soon

  • Oculus Rift support
  • Cooperative play for Blitz
  • Traditional PC Support
  • PvP Multiplayer

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