Naturallandscape - Threegorges (自然景观系列-长江三峡) (PC)

The Natural landscape series is a virtual tourism VR game based on unreal engine developed meticulously by Magicvalley Studio. The Three Gorges of Yangtze River is the first episode, through satellite DEM data, it reveals to us the magnificent scenery which is full of steep and rare mountains and cliffs from Xiling District of Yichang to the Three Gorges Dam in Zigui County. You can also adjust the time in the scene and experience different charming landscapes in the morning, noon and evening. In this episode you can drive your own yacht galloping above the river, experience the speed and excitement above the water, and you can also travel cozily on a yacht along the river and appreciate the charming and precipitous natural landscape of Xiling Gorge.

1, driving speedboat speeding freely on the river
2, take a pleasant relaxing tour of the yacht, without their own operation
3, adjust the sunshine according to the time, experience the beauty of different time periods


Magicvalley Studio