The Next Day After Friday (PC)

The Next Day After Friday is a unique game where you are free to do what ever you feel like. Imagine yourself after a night of drinking when you are left on your own. Next day after waking up you feel really bored and have to be creative to kill time.

The game is developed to give you the simple idea and feeling in the virtual reality zone as if you would be leaving that moment in your life, when you go back to the times, when you been a student or u are a student at the present whichever it is you can relay to it definitely.

The night before your friends, classmates came over and had a great night and next day when you woke up where bored and did not find your place started rearranging the messed up house or you made the choice freely to mess it even more up as it is.

The games goal is not to entertain you, more likely make you find entertainment for yourself in your free will by finding stuff to do, which can be challenging as it is.

Developers of the game focused on virtual reality futures, especially on the movement control to make movement easy as much as they can for the possibilities given at the time.
Even if you can`t actually feel the hangover and the numbness, the developers made it the way these feeling to be met in the picture on the wall, lightning and surrounding of the game, to totally give you that after day sensation.
The game has no ending it only ends if you want, when you want, which for some makes it even more interesting.

In the game u have at your hand to help you entertain lots of objects. There is a darts game on the wall, a set up beer pong table which can be reset at any time and other objects as well.


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Marzo 30, 2018

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