Shapelab (PC)

ShapeLab by Leopoly will bring a joyful, easy and practical co-creation VR experience to everyone.
The current early access release of our app is focused on the single-user experience with a limited number of features. We appreciate any feedback you can share with us, so we can tailor the next steps development to be in-line with your needs and ideas.

More about this release

This Early Access release empowers non-professional HTC Vive users to release their creativity and make their very own, colorful virtual 3D models. The joint forces of Leopoly engine and HTC Vive simplifies the modeling process by enabling you to create in a fun and intuitive way. This game changing virtual experience provides a natural environment for creation in the real world just as traditional sculpting and object formation is done. We believe that creation in a VR environment is more intuitive, a lot more fun and engaging and allow people to tap into creativity they’ve never used.

Users can sculpt, paint and play effortlessly while turning their imagination into reality! So start with a predesigned 3D model template or start from scratch to build anything!

You can store your creations and continue your work any time. All designs can be saved in STL or OBJ file format for easy 3D printing.

• Start from scratch (by choosing the sphere)
• Pre-designed 3D model templates
• 7 sculpting tools and growing
• Limitless painting
• Open and save 3D models
• 3D print your designs
• Share with your friends

What’s next?

We will add more powerful design tools, support more VR headsets, and turn the entire application into a social, shared virtual reality experience. Imagine when you meet your buddies - living in another city or country - for a co-creation party in VR. Leopoly will let you collaborate with others, combine your imaginations, share your designs and get inspired by each-others works.

Planned features and tools:
• Spectator mode – real time streaming, and VR viewing to let multiply users see what’s happening
• Co-creation mode – modelling with others at the same time, even the same mesh
• Multi object handling and new design tools
• Taking screenshots
• Online, browser based model sharing
• Import models from the web
• Switch between different VR environments