(PC) is a room-scale personal virtual environment. allows you to select and explore a scene, pick your spot in the virtual world, and customize it with lighting, posters, drawings, desktops, browsers, blocks and more!

Current Features:
  • Multi-Desktop Streaming & Interaction
  • Multiple in-app web browsers based on webkit.
  • Multiple Environments - Cinema, Temple, Beach Island, Dungeon, Grassland, Space, Space Room, and more!
  • Video Player for watching your local video files
  • Pass-through Camera
  • VR Wallpapers - Load images from your computer and place them like a poster in your room!
  • Basic Drawing tools for writing on Whiteboards/Blackboards/Notes
  • Text File Viewer - View text files on your computer in separate windows.
  • Desktop Shards - ability to cut out small subsections of the desktop like the task bar.
  • User customizable lights
  • Room-scale movement with teleporting
  • Basic resizeable cubes for building small structures.
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • HTC Vive and Oculus Touch both supported!

Known Issues
  • Clicking on the Windows Title bar with the Vive controllers either to move or minimize will cause the application to freeze. We are in the process of investigating a solution for this.
  • For the keyboard or virtual keyboard to work for the in app browsers, is required to be the focused application in windows. We have a solution that will remove this focus requirement for the virtual keyboard in the works.
  • Some users have reported a crash when attempting to switch a desktop from desktop 1 to desktop 2 using the menu properties button. We are investigating the cause for this, a current work around is to modify the playerState.xml file usually located in Users/[name]/AppData/LocalLow/VriderInc/. You can modify the properties of desktops there and even make copies.
  • Desktop resolutions currently can't be changed while is running, this usually causes the screen to appear frozen. A restart of is required to use the new screen resolution.


VRider, Inc.


VRider, Inc.


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