(PC) is a room-scale personal virtual environment. allows you to select and explore a scene, pick your spot in the virtual world, and customize it with lighting, posters, drawings, desktops, browsers, blocks and more!

Current Features:
Multi-Desktop Streaming & Interaction
Multiple in-app web browsers based on webkit.
Multiple Environments - Cinema, Temple, Beach Island, Dungeon, Grassland, Space, Space Room, and more!
Video Player for watching your local video files
Pass-through Camera
VR Wallpapers - Load images from your computer and place them like a poster in your room!
Basic Drawing tools for writing on Whiteboards/Blackboards/Notes
Text File Viewer - View text files on your computer in separate windows.
Desktop Shards - ability to cut out small subsections of the desktop like the task bar.
User customizable lights
Room-scale movement with teleporting
Basic resizeable cubes for building small structures.
Virtual Keyboard
HTC Vive and Oculus Touch both supported!

Known Issues
Clicking on the Windows Title bar with the Vive controllers either to move or minimize will cause the application to freeze. We are in the process of investigating a solution for this.
For the keyboard or virtual keyboard to work for the in app browsers, is required to be the focused application in windows. We have a solution that will remove this focus requirement for the virtual keyboard in the works.
Some users have reported a crash when attempting to switch a desktop from desktop 1 to desktop 2 using the menu properties button. We are investigating the cause for this, a current work around is to modify the playerState.xml file usually located in Users/[name]/AppData/LocalLow/VriderInc/. You can modify the properties of desktops there and even make copies.
Desktop resolutions currently can't be changed while is running, this usually causes the screen to appear frozen. A restart of is required to use the new screen resolution.


VRider, Inc.


VRider, Inc.


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