Nature Experience in Germany (Quest) (APP LAB)

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has launched a walk-through, interactive Germany Travel Mart 2022 is a walk-through, interactive, highly immersive, and barrier-free virtual reality world with German natural landscapes.

- a 360-degree flight in a "drone" over
German natural landscapes
Huge interactive picture gallery with top motifs of the
German nature
- Large cinema with "Embrace.German.Nature” film
Climbing on rock and rope through mountains and
- "Sustainability Train", which gives tips for environmental and
climate-friendly travel
- 3D sound journey along the seasons with sounds of nature
- 360-degree spherical film panoramas that your
digital hands over can pull over your head

The analog and digital worlds are increasingly merging.
Digital media are breaking out of the
screen boundaries and migrating into virtual space.
In the VR application on Germany's
natural landscapes, it becomes clear that even the beauty and
even the beauty and diversity of nature can be not only shown
but can also be experienced in a holistic way.
can be experienced holistically.
In the application, the "visitor" himself can choose between
different locations, media, and degrees of interaction.
interaction. Several senses are addressed
senses: sometimes the visual experience is in the foreground
the visual experience, sometimes the spatial sound, and sometimes the physical interaction via hand-eye coordination.




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