Prisms Math (Quest)

Prisms launched to schools around the US in 2021 to bring problem-driven, tactile and visual learning to the Math classroom. Our teachers and students were the first to learn math in a whole new way, and now anyone in the world can too! In Prisms, users gain math skills through:

- Experiencing and solving an important real-world problem
- Using hands-on models to visualize and interact with structure
- Connecting 3D experiences to abstract representations like graphs, tables (2D), and equations / vocabulary (1D)

Prisms has 3 key components:

- VR content modules for students to deepen their understanding of core concepts
- A multiplayer sandbox for additional practice problems
- Teaching materials and a web-based dashboard to support efficacious learning. If you’re a tutor, parent, or district leader, contact us at to gain access to these resources.


Middle School - Fractions; Ratios; Rate of Change; Probability; Surface Area

Algebra I- Linear Functions; System of Equations; Quadratics; Linear Regression; Exponential Functions

Geometry - Transformations; Distance Formula; Trig Ratios; Circles; Solids of Rotation

Advanced Algebra- Periodic Functions; Complex Numbers; Polar Coordinates; Vector Addition; Ellipses; Matrices

After completing our modules, you can jump into our multiplayer sandbox for practice. We’ve started with Middle School and Algebra for now!

*For ages 13 and up


Prisms of Reality