First Resort (Early Access) (Quest) (APP LAB)

This is an Early Access Version of First Resort

First Resort is a game built for your mental wellness. You arrive at a beautiful lake house retreat, joined by Ari, your quirky guide and companion. Like many others before you, you process thoughts, feelings, and experiences and learn new skills to make you better equipped for real life.

During your stay, you journey through chapters that turn cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles into embodied experiences. You physically interact with CBT techniques at First Resort; mounting your values on the wall, practicing mindfulness in soothing environments, and holding and restructuring your thoughts in your hands.

Playing First Resort helps you engage in healthy practices to manage worry, stress, and sadness. You may learn to calm your mind. You may decide it’s finally time to do that bucket list item or make friends with someone new. With First Resort, you play for real life.