Isle of Pan Demo (PC)

Isle of Pan Demo
Isle of Pan Demo

Explore a mysterious island in the North Sea in this open world photography adventure. Guided by a magical book, find and take photographs of the strange inhabitants to learn more about them. While searching for creatures you might find pocket portals, small surreal dimensions that offer dreamlike experiences.

This project is geared towards recreating the joy of instant photography in a relaxing, atmospheric walking simulator type game. There are no points, scores, missions, or deaths. Photograph all 75 creatures and find all 12 portals, or just enjoy being creative and present in this alternative perceptual experience.

Customize the book with your favorite photo of each creature, hang photos on your homestead wall, or share your photos with the real world by exporting the photos to your desktop.

Gain powers such as the ability to change the time of day, create rainbows, or blow up fireworks. Use these powers to explore the world and add your own touch of style to the photographs you take.

Built from the ground up for VR. Playable for desktop PC in both first and third person.
Switch between VR and Desktop play in-game.

Supports Knuckles, Rift, and Vive.







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Octubre 9, 2022

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