The Patcher Demo (PC)

The Patcher Demo
The Patcher Demo
The Patcher Demo
The Patcher Demo The Patcher Demo The Patcher Demo
"The Patcher" is a full-scale tactical multi-player action VR game.

Be strong! Be ambitious!
You must choose a faction – either ‘Junkmol’ or ‘Skymagg’ – as a Patcher of the Neo JS City. By fighting numerous battles, you will obtain weapons, revamp them, and gain experience. Every weapon and skill have degree of proficiency as you play, so you’ll get stronger as you level up.

Hybrid Multi-play
Don’t forget that you’re one of the factions, even if you fight against monsters on the battlefield. Cooperate with your fellow Patchers! If you succeed in defeating a mighty monster with others, you might get a chance to obtain a rare item. However, when you come across an opponent of the other faction, it’s best to attack right away or retreat and bring in your allies. Your instant decision is critical in each battle.

Various Game Modes (Some mode still in development)
The war between two factions ends only when one side ultimately falls. Get ready for the best result!
- ‘Deathmatch’: Create a party to fight the other faction.
- ‘Conquest War’: Occupy the enemy’s territories for as long as possible, by any means.
- ‘Boss Raid’: Defeat the giant boss with your party members. However, you’re not the only hunters there. Compete with the other faction for the throat of the boss.

Strategic Action Combat
Since the past, the Patchers have fought strategically with three weapons: a sword, gun, and bow. Of course, each weapon has its own characteristics, but you must find which one works best for you and become skillful at using it. The weight, reach, accuracy, and control of each weapon is vastly different and is key to your tactics.

The Storyline of “the Patcher”
'Neo JS City' was once the most beautiful city, and there was a reason for it. The upper classes wanted to get rid of anything they saw as dirty and trivial. That’s why they decided to move all the unpleasant facilities – like the sewage treatment plant and the prison – underground.

Meanwhile, some people illegally and secretly settled in these underground facilities. Their habitation was called the ‘Patch Build’, and they called themselves the ‘Patchers’.

But the environment around the Patch Build was more severe than they expected. Survival got harder and harder. This caused a rupture in the community. Some said pioneering a new land for a better future was be the way to go. Others wanted to stick to the existing land and refine what they already had.

Now, you must follow one of them – and choose your fate!

*In this demo version, some features are locked because they are still in development.


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